Saturday, January 17, 2009

We're Opinionated -- So Sous Us!

I imagine we were once polite lovers of food. We ate what was in front of us, and thought nearly everything was perfect, delicious. But I recall the precise meal and conversation with which Chris and I crossed over into "foodie territory."

We were celebrating two years together, and stayed at the Candlelight Inn to mark the occasion. The innkeepers prepared breakfast from scratch, and offered two options for tableside selection.

Chris requested the eggs Benedict, while I opted for pancakes with peaches and granola. We enjoyed each other's company, and our own food, until we left the table.

"So, how were the pancakes?"
"Well, if I were you...I'd said they were a little dry."

Wait, what?!

Yes, the pancakes were tasty, albeit not as moist as they could have been. And my candid response became our new "eating out" standard.

Yes, we're opinionated, but in order to develop our critiques, we've had to develop our knowledge of ingredients, cuisine and cooking methods. We only judge professionally-prepared food -- so our family and friends don't ever have to fear a kitchen-closing review. And we don't pretend to be anywhere on par with Craig LeBan.

But our portion-sharing and plate-passing have allowed us to sample menu offerings at a variety of eateries throughout the Philadelphia area. So, we look forward to periodically sharing our musings with you, and hope you'll be emboldened to share your opinions with us!

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