Saturday, February 7, 2009

Culinary Mea Culpa

My bad.

I originally started this blog intending it to be (primarily) a food blog, and (secondarily) a place to write about wedding plans and other facets of my life. I had a plan: Each post would have an accompanying, and somehow related, recipe (with in-process photos and whip-smart [::wink wink::] commentary).

I'm fully cognizant of the fact that it's very heavily been favoring the world of tulle and cake toppers. In the (hopefully near!) future, I'd like to begin to remedy this; however, it's a challenge, considering I don't have a "home base" kitchen (yet), nor much free time to devote to recipe perfection.

Trust me, the situation will change in the next few weeks. So, until then, I ask for a bit more of your patience. Continue following me along this winding wedding pathway. Know I don't plan to cut out my wedding planning tangents one iota -- I just want to frame them more appropriately as coming from a bride-to-be and serious foodie. In return, I'll begin to venture more readily into the kitchen, and slowly transition Whisked Away into the food-focused blog I hoped it would be.

Sound good?

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