Saturday, February 14, 2009

How Sweet It Is!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thanks to my sweet, yesterday, we were able to cross "order wedding cake" off our to-do list.

Chris ventured over to Sweet Jazmines in Berwyn (which we first read about here), placed the order for our tiered confection.

Several months ago, we visited the bakery together, and enjoyed a generous sampling of some of the delicious butter cream and layer cake combinations. We were uber-impressed by the available combinations -- Italian Rum Cake! Lemonberry! Caramel Symphony! -- and Chef Kim's culinary background (she graduated from the Culinary Institute of America!).

Each layer of our wedding cake will be a different flavor -- but I'm not revealing which, yet! (And nope, no pictures of possible designs, either. Sorry! But, I'm all about the element of surprise.)

How will you indulge your sweet tooth at your wedding? How about today?

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