Saturday, February 28, 2009

(Soda) Fountain

In the center of the courtyard space adjacent to the Betsy Ross House (where, weather permitting, we'll be holding our cocktail hour), is a stone fountain.

Added during renovations in 1974, the fountain apparently has no connection to Betsy Ross (unless anyone can prove she was partial to felines, since three [bronze?] cast ones rest, rub and play in the stone ledges!).

Mr. Bruschetta and I agreed we won't decorate the courtyard -- it's beautiful and historic without any embellishments -- but I have been wondering how we should utilize the fountain. I'm hesitant to have it running: Something about guests in dressy attire and dirty running water doesn't seem like the best combination. Since it'll be light throughout the cocktail hour, floating candles in a pool of water seems unnecessary.

If water won't work in the fountain...what about ice?

My foodie nature first thought of filling the fountain with ice to display a lavish raw bar.

But these aquatic delicacies aren't always crowd-pleasing -- or budget-friendly! And I don't want to think about what a mess it'd be to have pricey seafood floating in half-melted sludge if we end up with a wedding day scorcher this August.

So then, I thought of an ice bar.


Just kidding! No, what I'm thinking of involves filling the fountain with ice, and placing bottled beverages in it: San Pellegrino, Coke and Diet Coke (a Mama Bruschetta must-have), and the like. We'll have a bar outside for the duration of the cocktail hour, but this could be a cute way to providing easy access to non-alcoholic refreshment.

The only problem is, I'm lacking in the inspiration photo department. When I Google "fountain beverage display" I get a whole lotta these...

(Ack! The flowers! I didn't know you had to buy a corsage for your beverage fountain!)

...when what I'm really looking for is a larger version of this.


Have you seen any unique ways of displaying beverages? Or, do you think I'm totally off-base, and should utilize the fountain in another way?


  1. I LOVE that courtyard!

  2. Awww, thanks! Yeah, it's a great spot for an outdoor ceremony in Philly -- or, like we're doing, cocktail hour (::crossing fingers for perfect weather::)!