Monday, March 9, 2009

Mummer of the Bride

For Philly-area residents, the Mummers are as familiar as Tastykakes, Wawa and cheesesteaks. For anyone, let me explain.

mumm's the word

mumm's the word - by Whisked Away on

Every year on New Year's Day, the Mummer's Parade (Mrs. Cupcake posted about this) struts through the city, bringing with it elaborate costumes and spirited performers competing in four categories -- Comics, Fancies, String Bands and Fancy Brigades.

What's this have to do with weddings? Well first, no, Mama Bruschetta is not a Mummer. Nor does she wish to look like one on my wedding day. See, we share the opinion that the vast majority of the mother-appropriate ensembles are...flashy. Gaudy. Garish. (And considerably overpriced!) Anything matching this description (and boy, are there many that do!) becomes a "Mummer of the Bride" outfit.

(Am I using a bit of hyperbole? Yes, of course. But excessive beading and unflattering draped fabric plagues too many "mother" dresses.)

For Sister and BIL Bruschetta's November 2007 wedding, we selected a two-piece Watters and Watters (bridesmaid!) dress. The colors matched the fall feel perfectly, and the outfit didn't overwhelm my mom's small frame. Below are Mama and Daddy Bruschetta being announced at Sister and BIL Bruschetta's reception.

The solution? Shun the mother label! Search instead for a formal gown matches the style of the wedding -- and more importantly, the mom wearing it.

Has you mother looked for -- or worn -- an unconventional MOB dress?

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  1. awww man. You had to go and mention cheesesteaks, and I was totally distracted! But back on topic (and drool wiped up), a lot of bridesmaids dresses can be awesome mob dresses. I like Suri (sp?) bridesmaids and also Aria bridesmaids as brand options.