Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Repartee Referee

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It's your loyal linguistic pundit (::wink wink::) here, with another round of wedding witticism. Have you cottoned on yet to the fact that I consider wordplay a full-contact sport?

a person exhiting a polarizing attitude about the superiority of butter cream as wedding cake icing

We hoped to try a variety of cake combinations, but since the baker was a fondon't, we only sampled confections topped with butter cream.

a fiancee (and/or fiance) that is inappropriately focused on the potential gifts, and other objects, that guests might bestow upon them

Every weekend, Macy's housewares department is inundated with betroved couples working on their wedding registries.

an amalgamation of tender emotions and awareness of expenses that most often plagues the bride, groom and their immediate families, but can also impact the wedding party

The cash-strapped bridesmaid felt a bit spentimental as she paid for her wedding attire.

bouquet garni
any of the various accoutrements -- including brooches and lockets -- decorating the bride's bouquet handle

A quick perusal of Etsy practically overwhelmed me -- so many beautiful options for bouquet garni!

wedding knight
often a wedding coordinator (but in certain circumstances a family member or friend of the couple), this person is responsible for assisting in a signficant manner, thus helping to "save" the wedding day

After the lace starting tearing from the hem of her gown, the wedding knight's steady hand helped mend the situation.

Did anyone step in as your wedding knight? Do you love the stuff, or are you a fondon't?

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