Saturday, March 7, 2009


Move-in weekend continues! Friday was mostly hard work and heavy lifting...but proved also to be an extremely exciting and celebratory time.

Mr. Bruschetta and Daddy Bruschetta handled most of the initial packing.

Mama Bruschetta played photographer, capturing "candid" moments as we walked into our apartment for the first time. And Mama and Daddy Bruschetta surprised us with a bottle of Prosecco to toast the occasion.

Thanks to several of Mr. Bruschetta's friends, we unloaded the truck in record time, and took a much-needed break. For dinner, Mr. Bruschetta and I visited an Italian spot (that I'm so happy is now just right down the road from us!) -- and indulged in some bee character cannibalism (::wink wink::) -- before continuing to unpack and organize.

And late last night, we relaxed with a much-anticipated bottle of wine (that was nearly as old as us!), and an impromptu plate of cheese, salami and apples to accompany it.

I promise to follow-up with a before and after tour of the apartment, once the move is over and the mess is no longer!


  1. I was thinking about you this weekend! HOpe you're getting all settled and adjusted!

  2. Awww, thanks Katie! We're getting there...moving's tough and time-consuming, and Mr. Bruschetta knows all I really wanna do is curl up with my laptop and blog. ;-)