Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Magical Marriage

I must confess: Mr. Bruschetta and I love the Harry Potter books. We started reading the series after J.K. Rowling had already penned the first four volumes, and quickly became enthusiasts -- even planning our vacation in 2005 around the release of the fifth tome, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. What's this have to do with weddings?

Well, in the seventh (and final) book -- no major spoilers ahead, but if you haven't read it yet (and want to be totally surprised) proceed with caution! -- readers get their first glimpse of a wizarding wedding.

There are certainly similarities to muggle (non-magical) nuptials. Like Mrs. Tiramisu's wedding, a "great white marquee" contains the celebration. The "fragile golden chairs" guests occupy during the ceremony? Sound like chivari chairs to me! And avian cake toppers make a cameo.

Of course, at times, magical elements are the focus, and while they sound amazing -- golden balloons that act as decorations and provide the ceremony music, then burst to shower the newlyweds with chirping exotic songbirds and ringing golden bells; phoenix cake toppers that take flight once the cake is ceremoniously cut; and bottles of champagne that float unsupported through the crowd -- it certainly wouldn't be easy, cheap or practical to attempt them at a wedding!

Overall, though, Rowling conveys a joyful fete -- an atmosphere I'd love to achieve on my wedding day. Food and drink are plentiful, music keeps the dance floor filled throughout the evening and the love and support of family and friends are readily evident.

I certainly didn't expect Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows to be a source of wedding inspiration! What books (or movies) have led you to appealing wedding themes, styles or designs?

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