Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bouquet Toss, Toss, Toss, Toss

Hive, I kinda sorta misled you. In my recent post gushing over Peterene's gorgeous garters, I neglected to include a key piece of information about the order I'm placing. Remember how I mentioned we're putting a spin on the bouquet and garter toss tradition?

Well, the first tweak is the number of garters Mr. Bruschetta will be tossing. Not one. Not two. Not three. Yup, he'll be launching four garters into the crowd -- one in each of our wedding colors. And that crowd? Well, we're going to encourage all our male guests -- whether single or taken -- to attempt to catch one of the four garters. Because attached to each garter will be a valuable little token: a penny.

Huh? Okay, see, after (or does it come before?) the garter toss, I'll send four mini, monochromatic bouquets into a sea of our female guests (again, we really hope all the gals -- married or not -- will join in the fun). And tied to the handle of these toss bouquets will be...

(collage images source)

...scratch-off lottery tickets! The orange bouquet recipient will pair with the orange garter catcher to play the instant win game (and the same "teams" will form with the red, purple and green bouquet and garter victors)...and hopefully at least one duo will uncover some winnings! And, this twist will mean we won't have four garters sliding up the legs of our girlfriends, mothers or bridesmaids -- which can totally be fun, but is also often a bit awkward.

So...what do you think of this idea? Are you attaching anything to your toss bouquet and garter -- cash, gift cards...or something completely different! -- to entice your guests to actively participate in this wedding tradition?

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