Sunday, May 31, 2009

Deflowering the Groomsmen

When we started planning out the wedding florals, Mr. Bruschetta made his petal preference known. And, since weddings are as much about compromise as they are love and celebration, the mister won this one.

There'll be flowers aplenty at the Bruschetta wedding. So far, you've heard about my bridesmaid bouquets idea and seen a centerpiece inspiration photo. But, for all the vibrantly-colored petals that will be decorating tables and clasped as bright bunches in the hands of the bridal party ladies, none will be adorning our groomsmen's lapels.

I'm totally fine with this decision. We'll still honor significant relatives with boutonnieres and/or corsages, but frankly, none of the groomsmen seem to care that they'll be flowerless. And although I entertained the notion of a non-floral bout, I'm leaning towards keeping it simple with bold ties to set the groomsmen apart. Mr. Bruschetta and I have also discussed adding pocket squares to the party -- black for the groomsmen (which, I realize, you wouldn't really see well against the black tux jackets, but it would add a little something extra) and ivory (matching my gown) for the groom.

(Some of these inspiration photos are just pre-bout for the groom. But I really like aspects of each, and don't think the happy gent alongside the bride, in the middle of his friends or having a solo shot in his cream-colored tie looks any look "groom-like" without a flower pinned to his lapel.)

Are you opting for non-floral bouts -- check out some of the these super unique ideas...

...or no bouts at all?

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