Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Garter-ian Angel

We're putting a spin on the traditional bouquet and garter toss, looking to infuse humor and whimsy into our reception, and to stimulate some playful competition among our guests. And, of course, I'm hoping for some great pictures to capture these fun moments.

How are we shaking things up? Well, I'm going to wait to reveal all the details in a future post. For now, though, I need some help from the hive. Since I lack the sew-how some of the other bees so clearly possess, I turned to Etsy seeking a seller to craft the toss and keepsake garters.

I was instantly drawn to Peterene's simple, satin designs -- but she's got some crazy, colorful styles as well. If pearls and lace are more your thing, Peterene's still your girl, with some vintage materials to complement romantically-styled gowns. (All images courtesy of Peterene Design.)

Now, the decision. As I said above, my favorite is the first picture -- the tuxedo garter set, a variation on Peterene's tailored set. But I'd really love to work in one or more of our wedding colors: orange, purple, red and light green. Should I select one accent color for the toss garter, and pair it with white, ivory or black? Would you opt for a vibrant keepsake garter, or keep it simple with more bridal-colored design? Share your ideas below!

Are you putting a twist on the bouquet and garter toss? Where did you (or will you) purchase your garters?

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