Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Dear Mother Nature,

A bride's wedding day attire and accessories comprise a carefully-orchestrated look. A lace-edged veil highlights delicate Alencon details on a gown. Swarovski crystals twinkle and shimmer from a glimmering necklace that offsets an otherwise simple sheath. Subtle silver peep toes and a canary yellow crinoline add unexpected pizazz to a taffeta tea length dress.

Each of these styles is perfection. But what happens when you gift a particularly breezy day to the happy couple? There was a time when I believed wacky, windy weather would ruin the impeccability of the bride -- and, in the process, the photographs commemorating the wedding day. I know, I know, that's just crazy! In my defense, I had this bizarre idea before discovering wedding and photography blogs. I've long since changed my tack -- I love the idea of capturing the wedding day exactly as it occurs, wind gusts and all. But a small part of me still coveted the guarantee of predictable weather for my own outdoor shots.

And then, I saw it. A striking picture, with one snappy line of commentary: "I told you that veil was cooperating."


Huh. Cooperating?

I'm tickled by the idea that the veil, while perched atop the bride's head, is really in cahoots with the photographers. And clearly, you're an abettor, providing a zephyr that turns an ordinary moment extraordinary, and elevates the extraordinary to decidedly poignant.

I mean, seriously. Look at the amazing work you've done with countless wedding veils -- no matter the length or style.

Well played, Mother Nature. I'll be prepared with hairspray aplenty, and extra bobby pins to keep my 'do in place. I just have one small request: Do you think you'll have a gust or two to spare in Philly at the end of August?


Miss Bruschetta


  1. Those are great pics. Thanks for sharing. I'll be hoping for an August breeze. On the day of hubby and I were actually oblivious to the photographer, the food, everything. I think a tornado could have smacked down and wisked everyone away and we might not have even noticed. Hugs, Jen

  2. I get absolutely giddy on a windy day if a bride has a veil. I loooooove it! This wedding from a couple years ago is when I fell in love with windy veils (from my ooooooold blog).