Saturday, June 6, 2009

Much Anticipated Con"GRAD"ulations

Last week marked a momentous occasion -- and an exciting few days -- in the Bruschetta household: My mister became a doctor!*

Dr./Mr. Bruschetta has worked immensely hard, tacking on this three-year physical therapy program immediately after his undergraduate degree, and working multiple (at times, up to five) part-time jobs while maintaining magna cum laude full-time student status. He's financed both his B.S. and DPT degrees himself (with the help of a whole lotta loans) and as a result, is incredibly organized and resourceful -- which, of course, has proved helpful during the wedding planning!

I've noticed how passionate the mister/doctor is about his chosen field -- sometimes, these observations have been when he's treating me, since (like Mrs. Cupcake) I'm a self-confessed klutz. I've gained an incredibly knowledgeable gym buddy who's created some of the most demanding and intense workouts I've ever attempted. And I'm over-the-moon thrilled that Doctor-Mister Bruschetta's reached his goal, and oh-so proud of him for doing so with such great focus.

Who knew I'd actually get lucky enough to marry a doctor?

Are you (or your fiance) celebrating any significant milestones mere months before your wedding?

*All the DPT students have finished the necessary courses, and are now completing the last requirement: their fourth and final clinical affiliation, which runs for 10 weeks. So although they all walked in the Commencement exercises, they won't be receiving diplomas until after the affiliations conclude.

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