Thursday, June 4, 2009

Two-Shoe Bru

It's all Mrs. Pomegranate's fault.

When she shared her quest to become a two-shoe bride -- in four glorious installments -- I had recently buzzed into the hive as a new reader. So many of the bees' ideas -- Rubber stamping! Cuttlebug! Etsy! Birdcage veils! -- had my head spinning, and Mrs. Pom's posts simply added fuel to my already kindling inspiration fire.

I envisioned tweaking Mrs. Pom's two-shoe plan. While she had selected wedges for her outdoor ceremony and heels for the festivities that followed, I dreamed of heels (in a neutral color, please) for the church ceremony, and wedges (fun, funky and in one of our main wedding colors) for our photo jaunt through Old City, cocktail hour ('cause the courtyard at the Betsy Ross House is all brick, and kinda uneven in parts) and reception.

So I searched and searched -- online, in stores and for months. As you know, I found the perfect ceremony heels. And I started to fret I would have to give up on my plan for the perfect reception wedges. I certainly didn't expect another serendipitous shoe situation.

Since I was due for another visit to Nordstrom -- to return the unused Nubra -- I perused the site's shoe section...and was elated to find a pair of bold, orange espadrilles. When I inquired in-store about the shoes, though, I learned only two color options -- silver and gold -- were available in my area (sound familiar?). So, once again, I purchased my ideal color shoes -- as before, they were shipped from the West Coast -- and when they arrived, I opened the box and experienced shoe deja vu.

Nerves and relief (the color is amazing!); nerves and relief again (a comfy fit, and a fantastic find making me a super happy two-shoe Bru!). As before, my new shoes and I had a private photo shoe-t (thanks, MRS. Perfume!) -- this time, summery brews and a funky-patterned dress served as backdrops.

I'm loving the two-tone wedge heel, the braided straps and the fact that these sandals will (hopefully) look as cute with my dress -- I can't wait to try them out at my next fitting in early July -- as they will post-wedding with a pair of jeans, cute skirt or summery dress.

Are you (or do you hope to be) a two-shoe bride? Will you wear a heel/wedge combo, or select a bridal-then-bold (in color, rather than style) shoe duo?

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