Thursday, July 23, 2009


Okay, first let me remind you: I'm decidedly not well-endowed. This Bruschetta's "tomatoes" are definitely cherry (not Beefsteak) sized.

I was still surprised, though, at my most recent dress fitting, when one of my, um, tomatoes staged a successful escape over the top of my gown. At the time, I'd had my arm raised, practicing one of the positions for a swing turn the mister and I are currently perfecting for our first dance. Granted, my arm was up -- but it wasn't, like, hyperextended or anything!


So the gown's getting taken in more at the bust and waist, since it really wasn't as snug as it could be. I'm hoping a tighter fit keeps everything properly in place. But I'm also not taking any chances; the seamstress will be adding bra bones to connect my long line to the dress. And as my last line of defense, I picked up nude-colored pasties. Detachable spaghetti straps would likely help even more; they'd also, however, change the overall look of my gown, so I'd prefer to not go this route.

I'd love to hear from fellow cherry tomato gals -- Roma and Beefsteak ladies, feel free to chime in as well, of course -- who've had similar issues. Anything else I can do to ensure the only tomatoes on display are the ones listed on the menu?

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