Friday, July 17, 2009


Something about pearls is just so...bridal. Chic and timeless, classic and romantic.

After purchasing my gown, I knew pearls would be the perfect accent. Like Miss Frenchie, I tend to favor a few simple jewelry pieces. Rarely do I wear more than my engagement ring, wristwatch and one of several simple pendant necklaces. So although I swooned briefly over some of the gorgeous styles available on Etsy, I ultimately followed through with my original plan and ordered a freshwater pearl set from PearlsOnly, an online farm-to-consumer retailer that boasts affordable, high-quality pearls and speedy shipping.

I had first discovered PearlsOnly when Sister Bruschetta was planning her wedding. She was also interested in wearing pearls, and after much research, I gifted her a freshwater necklace the Christmas before her wedding. I was really pleased with the product and service, and tucked the company's web site away in the back of my mind for future reference.

When the time came to make my purchase, I was unsure whether a 16- or 18-inch necklace would work better. So, I ordered both -- and, since they arrived the day before my second fitting about a week ago, was able to try both lengths with my gown. PearlsOnly offers a stress-free return policy -- 90 days, with a complete money back guarantee -- which was perfect for my indecisiveness. Yesterday, I packaged up the set including the 18-inch necklace, and happily tucked away the other box -- containing a 16-inch necklace, bracelet and studs -- to be worn on our wedding day.


I love that after the wedding, I'll have some beautiful pearl pieces -- with great sentimental value -- to add into my simple jewelry "repertoire." And I'm so pleased to be able to check something off the to-do list with no difficult decisions or drama.

PearlsOnly recently added a "Bridal Bundles Collection" to the site as well -- sets of freshwater necklaces or earrings packaged together specifically for your wedding party. Simple bridesmaid jewerly coordination -- and a discount for bulk purchases!

Any other pearl brides out there? Tell me about your strands!

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