Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tie-ing the Knot

This post's about my groom-to-be. And his inspiration photo.

Yup, you read that right. It's been a long engagement -- almost 20 months! -- so the mister was bound to pick up on the lingo. And several months ago, Mr. Bruschetta showed me a picture he'd saved on his computer featuring a tie -- and showcasing his Entourage fan status.


His focus? Well, not the color. We agreed he'd don ivory to match my gown, and the mister had therefore selected a subtly-striped design from Nordstrom. But after that purchase, my (at times) fashion-focused guy started obsessing over the knot. (Just like Mr. Onion, which I discovered after a quick Weddingbee search!)

Um, Double Windsor say what? Well, apparently that's what Ari's rocking above, and it's the same look Mr. Bruschetta hopes to achieve with his wedding tie. I didn't even realize there were options for tie knots!

However, I quickly and easily got on board with this one -- and even found my own inspiration photo that shows how the Double Windsor's overall look is at the same time more plump and more smooth than your "average" tie knot.


And the mister, who is finishing the final requirement for his DPT, is working through the wedding as a waiter -- 'cause he's gotta make the moneys somehow! -- and dutifully practicing the Double Windsor as part of his "uniform" every night he's at the restaurant.

I'm thinking Mr. Bruschetta will have to give a brief tie-tying tutorial (say it five times fast?) to the other guys, so they all have the same look going on with their knots -- because Miss Bruschetta = detail oriented.

Is/was your groom particular about some aspect of his ensemble?

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