Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Two Turtle Loves

Yup, turtles. Again. We love 'em -- and I did warn you we'd be weaving them throughout our reception.

Several months ago, I spotted this blog post. As the photographer writes, the couple shared a kiss at the reception whenever guests rang a bell -- but only if the ringer made a donation to a charity the couple had designated.

Daddy Bruschetta, who will welcome everyone and offer his own brief remarks once our guests are seated for dinner, has agreed to briefly explain the "rules" for our dinner game. We'll encourage guests to clink their glasses to request we kiss. We won't comply, though, unless the guest contributes funds to benefit the Wetlands Institute.

Here's where I need your help and input! I'm still unsure whether we should set a price -- $1 per kiss? $2 per kiss? -- or leave it open to our guests. If we decide on an amount, will guests participate? Or will they not want to part with a few greenbacks? Would requiring a specific amount raise more funds or discourage people from joining in the fun? What say you, hive?

Oh, and look at the amazingly adorable "piggy" bank we found. This cute little turtle will sit on our sweetheart table -- and it'll be a useful little money holder after the wedding. (When, um, we have money again!)


Did (or will) you and your new spouse (!) participate in any sort of kissing game as part of your reception?

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  1. The only problem I can think of is if guests carry small bills with them to weddings. I suppose if there is valet parking or an open bar they will, but most weddings I go to do not have either (I've parked the car in the hotel overnight, and the bar fees are covered with no tipping for bartenders), so usually I just throw one $20 in my purse for emergencies and that's it.