Thursday, September 9, 2010

Two Birds (Er, Bows), One Stone

Excuse this brief pause from the Weddingbee blogging -- I'll be cooking up another post or two for next week (promise, Pengy!).

Okay, here's the background: Since closing on our "First & Forever" home at the end of July, my mind drifts easily to house-related projects. As we were preparing for settlement, Sister and BIL Bruschetta -- who are expecting in mid-November -- began preparing their first place for sale. And while Sister and BIL Bruschetta started searching for their new home, Mama Bru and I mailed the baby shower invitations -- which included a small blurb encouraging guests to wrap their presents to reflect their "gender guess."

New home, with potential rooms needing painting (especially the nursery!), plus new baby, with an upcoming pink-and-blue-themed shower to celebrate? The super cute DIY bows Jessica created over on How About Orange popped into my head, with one home-improvement-themed stand-in for the magazine pages: paint swatches.

The resulting bows are just too cute! And, in one convenient little package, six potential interior paint colors each, for either a baby boy or girl.

Flip them over, and you can even see the (in this case, Behr) color name and number on some of the bow loops!

This craft still needs a bit of perfecting, as the thick loops don't adhere to each other easily. They're definitely adorable, though, and I hope to figure out how -- Glue Dots and double-sided tape aren't strong enough -- to get these bows to stick, despite the cardstock-y nature of the swatches.

In case Sister and BIL Bruschetta stumble across this post, I don't want to reveal which color would adorn *our* gift. So why don't you guess?

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