Monday, August 29, 2011

Love Weathers All

I wasn't a glass slipper kind of bride. But not just because, frankly, they sound exceedingly uncomfortable. No, the erratic, eclectic weather our wedding day heralded two years ago today demanded practicality.

{Cindy shot it, but just you wait hive -- I'm so excited to do this photo justice by sharing all the details that led up to the moment the camera went "click."}

I've long believed rain visits on significant days of my life. Coming home from the hospital as a newborn. Proms and graduations. The first day of orientation at Villanova University. Snow bid me farewell as I moved from Boston back to Philly after grad school in December 2006. And, of course, there were the bizarre skies that helped make our wedding day so memorable.

So while the weather this past week defies the regional norm -- tremors from the Washington, D.C. earthquake on Tuesday, gusts and sheets of rain as Hurricane Irene made her way up the East Coast over the weekend -- I can't help but wonder what these conditions are forecasting about the year ahead.

Or maybe they're not omens. Maybe the wacky weather we've experienced recently is meant to remind me no matter what life brings, my best friend -- my love of 10 years, Mr. Bruschetta -- will be sloshing through every puddle, whether in celebration or consternation, right by my side. And that's just about the best anniversary present I can imagine.

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