Thursday, February 26, 2009

Loose Lips Sink Ships

...or a least spoil wedding surprises!


I'm trying to balance excitement over our wedding plans -- and the inclination to blog about our ideas and decisions -- with the desire to keep certain elements quiet, so our wedding party, family and friends can drink in the day as it unfolds. I love the idea of peppering the wedding day with surprises, but deciding where to draw the line is the challenge.

Since Mr. Bruschetta he reads my posts daily, I won't be talking (much) about, or showing (any) pictures of, my attire. (He's equally adamant about not knowing what I'll be wearing until our big reveal -- more on that later!) If you're curious about my taste, wander over to the Priscilla of Boston site, and peruse the virtual racks (but good luck picking the correct line!) -- my gown's in there, somewhere.

The dress is a given. But, I continue to debate other to-be-revealed details: our first dance song, the dinner menu, what type of favors we'll give out (or, if we'll opt for a charity donation), even what the inside of our church and reception site look like. I wonder if sharing my thought processes in advance would make it harder to savor the moments as they happen, or if doing so would enhance everyone's enjoyment (and allow guests who might not otherwise know to realize how much goes into planning a wedding!).


I'm struggling, not because I can't keep a secret (though it's tough at times!), but because sometimes, I really want to collaborate with someone other than my groom-to-be, who couldn't care less about the ribbon color adorning a DIY project.

So...what do you think? Am I focusing too much on the element of surprise? Would you want to be privvy to the details? Should I let the proverbial cat out of the bag?


  1. hmmm. It's a toughy to be sure. I blogged about most things, except for our first dance song choice and choreographed routine. Not because I was afraid guests would see it, but because I wanted to have a surprise for my readers!

  2. How fun! This reader of yours is certainly surprised, and I can't wait to hear more about it!