Wednesday, February 25, 2009

All the Right Ingredients: Cindy Patrick Photography


Finding our photography was a high priority soon after we were engaged. Ironically -- and perhaps fortunately -- I wasn't yet aware of the wide world of wedding and photography blogs when we began our search. (I can't imagine how overwhelmed I would have been!) At the time, I relied on two resources: the local message boards on The Knot, and Sister Bruschetta (who was married a few months before).

Having recently received her wedding photos, Sister Bruschetta sent along a teaser, hoping to nudge me to set an appointment with her photographer, Cindy Patrick.



Professional photos of me and the mister? I was understandably wowed, simultaneously touched and tickled.

Along with Sister Bruschetta's wedding photos, I was drawn to Cindy's work with another local bride, Knottie ibekatieg. Cindy's photojournalistic style perfectly captured so many candid moments, including a post-ceremony walk through the city. And coincidentally, Mr. Bruschetta and I had already discussed incorporating something similar (for us, a jaunt through the historic neighborhood around our reception location) into our wedding day! (The following photos are all Cindy's as well.)

To make a pretty short story even shorter, we met with Cindy -- and all three of us clicked. She offered to create a "Bruschetta family" discount package (why thank you!), and asked permission to bring on a second shooter of her choice (because it'll be a looooong day) at no cost to us. Um, how's that for fantastic?

Yup, there's a happy ending to this story. We met up with Cindy -- and her chosen second shooter Ray -- for engagement pictures this past September. And I can't wait to have two talented photographers capture our wedding day!

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  1. Congratulations! You're going to have so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    - Huy