Friday, February 20, 2009


Months and months ago, where did this bride-to-be, who hadn't yet wised up to the wonderful world of wedding blogs, go to gather inspiration and plan out her color scheme?


Uh-huh, that's right. I dragged the mister along with me to our local home improvement store, and together, we mixed, matched and selected the brights around which our late summer wedding is based.

We had an anchor: black bridesmaid dresses. I don't remember the first time the mental image conjured by this phrase gave me the warm fuzzies -- but I do recall feeling strongly enough about it that I didn't rethink that decision for a second.

With a strong foundation, we were quickly drawn to two "anchor" colors: orange and purple. Spring-fresh green (you know, the color of newly-emerged leaves that unassumingly adorn branches in March, April and May, so you can still see the delicate structure of the plants?) was a natural (::wink wink::). And one more to round it out...

Anything in the pink family felt too overdone -- trendy and popular. Imagine my surprise when Mr. Bruschetta offered up a suggestion: "How about red?"

And with that, our color scheme was set.

I love that our bridesmaid gowns will provide a blank canvas for the naturally bright, beautiful colors of late summer. Something about it reminds me of a perfectly-plated dish.

om nom nom nom

om nom nom nom - by Whisked Away on

So, even though I was clueless (at first), something delicious started taking shape!

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