Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Acknowledging Dumbo

There's an elephant in the blog. I made a passing reference to it, but in the interest of full disclosure, wanted to provide some more detail.

Several months after Mr. Bruschetta and I were engaged, FBIL Bruschetta was preparing to propose to his girlfriend. As we had already set our date -- and owing to other, personal factors -- Mr. Bruschetta's brother assured us he wasn't looking to schedule the wedding until 2010.

Fast-forward a few months. Mr. Bruschetta and I are visiting with the newly-engaged couple, and after an uncomfortable silence, they ask how we'd feel if their wedding were in mid-June. We suggest a three-month cushion from our late August affair. We tell them, honestly, that it makes us uncomfortable, chiefly because we are worried about the strain on mutual guests' schedules and (in some cases) wallets.

The other wedding will take place on June 20.

I'm sharing this not to point fingers or accuse anyone of anything. Truly, I'm thrilled for FBIL and FSIL Bruschetta. Their engagement, though, has become part of our wedding planning. And I'm not going to pretend that planning our wedding -- with another tagging along, conveniently (uncomfortably?) close enough for comparison -- has been a walk in the park.

As his brother's best man, Mr. Bruschetta has started planning how to juggle two sets of pre-wedding festivities with the final months of his grad school career. (Possible solution: a joint bachelor party?) And we've had to look more closely at our budget, since some of our the available funds now have to stretch to cover two weddings.

Have you successfully coped with another wedding being a little too close to yours for comfort?

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