Monday, March 23, 2009

Love Squared: Bruschetta Engagement Pictures Part II

(Thanks to our photographer for these pictures -- and to Mrs. Avocado for assisting me with the technological aspects of blogging, so you can enjoy the Bruschettas in "HD"!)

We changed outfits -- ducked in a corner of the adjacent parking garage (shhh....) -- and fetched the purple balloons we'd stashed in the car. I wanted a lush, green setting for our outside shots, so we set out on foot for Washington Square.

Interesting-looking architecture? Sure, we'll stop and pose.

Finally, we reached our destination...

...but quickly tired of our balloons. Mr. Bruschetta attempted to give them away to passersby, but not a single one accepted his offer! Not wanting to release them into the air, we opted to secure the bunch to a park bench.

We spun. We twirled. We got very, very dizzy.

As we walked back to the market at the end of the shoot, our photographer called Mr. Bruschetta. She then captured our "huh?" moment.

Turns out she was actually requesting we kiss. Oh. We were happy to oblige.

But we couldn't stop laughing about the mix-up.

Did you select an urban setting for your engagement pictures?

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  1. They came out great! I'm still debating on where to have ours done. We know the city, but there are 6 different areas we are considering and none are too close!