Monday, March 2, 2009

Shouldn't This Be More Difficult?

I'm not saying wedding planning is easy. Because it's not. You're assembling a veritable vendor puzzle, while simultaneously attempting to stick to a budget, quell family drama, complete various DIY projects -- oh, and yeah, continue with your regular 9-to-5 work schedule.

So, when something falls easily into place, or seems perfect immediately, I'm wary. This happened when we were looking for our reception location. And the gown I ended up purchasing -- six months after starting the search -- was one of the first I tried on. Each time the ideal option is right in front of me, I've paused, questioning the ease with which the venue/gown/florist/caterer (you get the idea) seemed to present itself.

I find myself thinking, "Shouldn't this be more difficult?"

And so, each time I'm faced with a decision that seems too simple, I've overcomplicated things, prolonging my search, seeking out the alternative that bests them all -- and in most cases, that's the one I've already found! Clear-thinking wins out in the end, but only after unnecessary running around, doubt and stress.

Can I escape this cycle? Rather than setting out on a quest to find the "ultimate" wedding-related item or talent, how can I trust my intuition, and learn to recognize -- and enjoy -- the occasional easy find? And, please share: Do you struggle with seemingly easy (wedding-related or not) decisions?

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