Monday, March 2, 2009

Nice Day For A White...

...snow day!

A Nor'easter has blown through the region, blanketing it in white, and closing many schools for the day.

Every winter, I think back to my senior year of college, when my roommate and I -- in mockery of the "let's run out for bread, eggs and milk" mentality panicked Philadelphians exhibit whenever bad weather threatens -- whipped up French toast and mimosas.

Delicious, but not on my to-do list this time! Today, I'm looking forward to using my extra free time strategically:
  • Reading up on wedding and food blogs, and preparing additional posts for my own

  • Starting to prepare for the big apartment move at the end of the week

  • Continuing to finish up our save the dates

  • And tackling the white stuff with a shovel -- while getting a pretty good cardio workout at the same time!

Does anyone else have the day off, and if so, how are you using it?

1 comment:

  1. great use of a free day! :o)

    I'm using my free time for our move. lots of packing!