Monday, March 30, 2009

Sweet Friendships

I posted previously about including several friends in the wedding with whom I've reconnected over the past year. (Thank you for the advice and ideas you all shared!) Having decided against enlarging the wedding party, I opted to introduce my friends to the concept Mrs. Lemonade wrote about -- the house party -- and see if (and how) they would feel comfortable proceeding. Whipping up some treats seemed like the perfect way to resolve this situation. (And also followed the pattern of food-related wedding "asks" I'd established!)

Inspired by the delectable decorated cookie gift baskets from Cookies by Design (but definitely not planning on creating something iced so precisely!), I decided on a spring-inspired presentation -- flower pots filled with "lollipop" treats.


Unfortunately, the last step of this DIY project -- baking the goodies -- proved to be the most challenging. I started with a specially-designed Wilton tray (similar to the one Mrs. Eggplant used to create edible valentines), and faced frustration as three different cookie recipes failed to work in the pan. Finally, I abandoned my original plans, and whipped up good old Rice Krispies Treats. After adding the cereal to the melty mixture, I formed balls around each treat stick.

I let the Rice Krispies balls cool and set, then placed them in treat bags...

I purchased flower pots and saucers from Lowe's, and cut a cardboard circle to cover each drainage hole. Then, I filled the pots with uncooked rice, and added the completed lollipops after making little bows from colored ribbon to conceal the twist ties.

The finishing touch was a layer of green jelly beans -- kiwi, green apple and margarita.

I crafted cards to accompany each flower pot...

...and happily added three house party girls to the Bruschetta wedding celebration!

Left to right: Me, Tiff, Mer and Sherry

In a future post, I'll explain more about the roles this trio will play leading up to, and on, our wedding.

For the present, though, I'm not too crazy about calling them my "house party" -- no disrespect to all you Southern brides, but the title just feels funny on this Yankee's tongue.

How should I collectively refer to these quasi-bridal party ladies? Are you having any non-wedding party friends play a special part in your wedding?

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