Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Coolest Bathroom Ever

Like, seriously. Ever.

We'll be using this bathroom -- which is located on the second floor of the F.U.E.L. House -- as the women's room. Two single bathrooms downstairs will be for our male guests, and bridal party members will have access to a small sitting area and restroom, also on the first floor.

(I plan on making signs for the doors of each area, so our guests aren't confused! And yes, I realize the first interior look I'm giving you of our reception site is a bathroom -- but I just think it looks so amazing!)

I've read up on bathroom baskets, but my issue isn't what to include...it's what presentation to use! I figure all three (four?) should look similar, and want to take the design inspiration from the amazing upstairs lav.

My favorite find from Crate and Barrel is actually a fruit basket!


I keep looking at the vibrantly colored boxes on The Container Store's website -- but want to make sure I pick something I could reuse after the wedding, like these clear organization trays.


Are you searching for unique containers for your bathroom baskets? And, where else do you suggest I search to find the perfect complement for this super-chic bathroom?

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