Thursday, April 23, 2009

Birds of a Feather

In order to find the perfect decoration for our cake, I learned all about the birds and the bees.

Mrs. Canary found Lauren Alane through Etsy, and together, they created a duo that captured the couple's "nerdy" and "music-loving" personalities.

Mrs. Coconut featured the coveted, and always stylish, Ann Wood birds.

Mrs. Gummi Bear had a whole flock -- 20 (!!!) Ann Wood creations, plus one of her custom cake topper couples!

Mrs. Lovebug commissioned her custom birdies from Carrin of Rain's End.

Mrs. Peacock's aunt crafted her cake toppers from alpaca wool donated from another relative's farm.

Mrs. Penguin's birds were handmade by her friend, Jenny Louwheeeeze.

Clearly, fowl play (::wink wink::) is popular. And while I'm usually one to strive for uniqueness, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to have me and the mister represented in fine feathered figurine form.

A quick search of Etsy -- where else? -- led me to Le Petit Oiseau, Sue Bennett's birdie bridal boutique. Her endearing creations can be customized to meet your color, style and trim specifications.

After a brief email chat -- Sue's daughter is getting married in September, so we discussed our ongoing searches for the perfect wedding shoes -- we decided to work together to design the Bruschetta birdies that'll top our triple-tiered confection. I love that, while I'm certainly embracing a trend, our cake toppers will be totally original, and reflective of us and our wedding day attire!

What'll be sitting atop your wedding cake? Share a link if you have a photo!

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