Sunday, April 12, 2009

By the Book

Question books have a special place in my heart. During the first few months of our relationship, Mr. Bruschetta and I spent hours on the phone, sometimes talking all through the night until the sun started to rise. Since I knew Mr. Bruschetta was a quiet, occasionally shy guy, I was nervous about running out of topics (and not having enough to say is really so unlike me!). So, when the conversation lulled, I'd flip through a book filled with open-ended prompts.

Recently, I stumbled across a wedding-related edition from the same authors.

A few clicks let me preview some of the book's contents, and I found quite a few interesting questions. Here are a few of my favorites -- and my answers:

1. If you could have any performer perform live at your reception, who would you choose?

We'd definitely have Yo-Yo Ma provide music during dinner! I studied cello from elementary through high school, and love the silky quality of this instrument's "voice." (Devoting time once again to this hobby is on my post-wedding to-do list.) Since Mr. Bruschetta's taste in music is much broader than mine, agreeing on a group to keep our guests dancing would be a tougher decision.

2. If you could spend your wedding night in the honeymoon suite of any hotel in the world, where would you go?

Italy -- in particular, somewhere in Rome or Tuscany.

3. You can have any famous chef or foodie plan your menu. Who do you choose?

Our pick -- Bobby Flay -- would have to work harmoniously with our current caterer, Laurent Leveque of Fleur De Lys Catering. I'm salivating just thinking about the amazing American/French fusion cuisine this dream team would be able to create. (I mean, seriously: Have you ever seen Bobby Flay cook up something that didn't look extremely appetizing?)

4. You know he is Mr. Right because...

...of all the little ways he demonstrates affection -- like kisses on my forehead and packing my lunch when I'm running late in the morning -- and the fact that he's more highly anticipating being married than getting married. (Does that make sense? Mr. Bruschetta's totally supportive of the wedding we're planning together, but he's also very focused on the days that will follow the "I do.")

I'd love to hear from the your answers below!

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