Saturday, April 11, 2009

Baby Blue

According to Mama Bruschetta, the hospital gift shop didn't carry little-girl-pink pins. So, she purchased one of the light blue ones. Her handwritten edit -- replacing "boy" on the enclosed card with "girl" -- completed the package celebrating the second Bruschetta!

BruschettAunt Cino also hopped on board the baby memento train. Her contribution? A baby bonnet for my christening. A card explained the purpose of this lacey, white, beribboned bonnet:
This is a most important gift for a newborn baby girl to receive. By saving the cap and restoring it to its original shape as a wedding handkerchief, this becomes a beautiful heirloom gift for a very special baby to use when she is a bride.
Again, thanks to Mama Bruschetta, this keepsake is also in mint condition, and ready to make an appearance at the Bruschetta wedding. I've already owned up to -- at times -- being an overemotional little hors d'oeuvre though, so I wonder if I shouldn't actually use the handkerchief for its intended purpose. What say you, hive?

Two somethings old and one something blue -- both 25 years in the making!

What are your somethings old, new, borrowed and blue?

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