Saturday, April 4, 2009

Rainy Day Sunshine

Friday was the most amazing weather day. At times bright and sunny, with the bluest sky and ultra-fluffy white clouds; at others so dark it seemed like the sun had set in the middle of the afternoon. Thunderstorms rumbled through around noon, and the weather appeared to clear up after the rain had ended.

But troublesome skies hovered again over Philly as the end of the work day approached. I feared my commute -- usually a 30- to 45-minute drive -- would be lengthened considerably by the fickle, freakish weather (just two days previous, it had taken almost 90 minutes, due to rain).

My sour, worried mood, though, instantly lifted once I reached the highway. Straight ahead, I saw this...

And then...a second rainbow!

It continued to rain, but the sun steadfastly held its own. Honestly, I don't remember the last time I saw such a confused-looking sky.

In one direction, doomsday... the other, positively pastoral, absolutely idyllic.

Since I'm rarely without a camera, I was able to capture these pictures while waiting at traffic lights. (And thus apologize for the quality of these shots -- it was my first time capturing anything with my camera from the driver's seat! I was actually so frustrated that I couldn't snap the second rainbow from the most amazing angle, when it was arcing the Museum of Art...because, ya know, I was driving.) The bipolar weather persisted until I crossed the bridge, only to find that New Jersey had yet to experience a drop of rush hour rain.

Although I didn't spot a Garden State rainbow, I was elated nonetheless by the colorful commuting surprise -- and totally smitten with the weather. I must confess: I love rain. But these coalesced raindrops (seriously, they were huge!) felt more like drops of sunshine. The on-again, off-again showers, broodingly grey sky (and in the other direction, positively Crayola Sky Blue!) and amazingly vibrant rainbows had me thinking maybe I would like rain (but it'd have to be this exact kind -- can you just imagine the pictures?!) on our wedding day -- and I'll take a pot of gold on the side too, please!

Is it crazy to kinda sorta hope for less-than-perfect wedding weather?

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