Sunday, April 5, 2009

Every Little Thing

Earlier this week, an interesting post popped up on one of the photography blogs I follow. After first writing a teaser about the experience -- and promising pictures -- Krista of Edison Photography shared candids and portraits taken while accompanying a bride-to-be and her groom on (separate) fitting appointments. (All pictures courtesy of Edison Photography.)

None of the pictures give away the day-of attire. Rather, they focus on the connections shared between those in attendance -- a mother's emotional response to a daughter transformed into a bride, three generations playfully interacting during an appointment at a tuxedo shop.

When I read this post, I thought immediately of Miss Gloss's lottery-focused wedding post. And I realized, this is it. If I had the funds, I'd hire professionals to document every little thing -- each memorable aspect of the wedding planning journey.

Just look at these immensely touching, emotionally-charged photos. If this were your family, wouldn't you want to ensure this day doesn't get lost in the shuffle of wedding checklists and vendor emails?

What moments leading up to your wedding would you capture, if you had a limitless photography budget? And what are you doing to ensure you remember the little things leading up to the big day?

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