Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sole Searching

Look what I found a few weeks ago at DSW!

Off-white, peep toe and d'orsay (holla, bees!), with a not-too-high heel, a cute accent -- and, at $35, an amazing half-off price!

I'm concerned, though, that they just don't fit properly -- nipping at my toes and rubbing at my heels -- and worrying my poor feet will be painfully protesting before we've even reached the church. So, although I'm hanging onto these for now -- I've already returned and repurchased them once to extend the (way too short!) 30 day return policy -- I'm also continuing my search.

I'll definitely be actively combing stores to see if I can find any contenders. But, I could also use some help from shoe-obsessed hive members!

I'm looking for a peep toe pump -- d'orsay would be great, but isn't a requirement (and slingback is another great option!) -- with a three-inch (or so) heel in ivory, cream or another off-white shade. I'd much rather they cost less than $100, but I'm considering pricier options (I keep returning to to swoon and wonder if a pastel shoe would work...) if I'd be able to rewear them in the future. I've got a slightly less common size (6 or 6.5), but I'm starting to wonder if I'm imaging a shoe -- cute AND comfy -- that just doesn't exist!

With my first fitting rapidly approaching, I gotta firm up this shoe thing, and fast. Any suggestions?

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