Friday, April 10, 2009

Flower Wower

I didn't have to look far to find my bouquet inspirations.

For her fall 2007 wedding, Sister Bruschetta "assigned" each bridesmaid a color, and multi-flower, monochromatic arrangements distinguished them. As her maid of honor, I carried a hand-tied bouquet (it's the top one in the picture, below) combining all of the colors. And Sister Bruschetta had her florist add white accents to another multi-colored arrangement (center, below) to create one distinctly bridal bouquet. They looked awesome together, and equally amazing individually!


A few months previous, Sister Bruschetta's bridesmaid Amie married in New York City. Another end-of-August affair -- and another bride who selected black bridesmaid attire! Don't you think Amie's bright color palette (created by Fleurs Bella) popping against the black dresses looks great?


I loved aspects of both brides' bouquet decisions. Borrowing a bit from each, I crafted a mental image of my ideal bouquets: For each bridesmaid (as well as Sister Bruschetta, my matron of honor), a bouquet that's majority one color (orange, purple, red or green) with the other three palette pieces peppered in. I'm hoping for the varied designs of Amie's bouquets, with the rich color saturation and almost spherical shapes of Sister Bruschetta's.

I just love the way flowers in such bright colors seem to be their own accessory. Are you drawn to florals that pop? What are your favorite vividly-colored flowers?

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