Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tickled Plum

Recently, the bridal attendants and I visited a bridal salon to search for a matching dress that would complement the one the Bruschetta 'maids will be wearing. We selected a number of JLM Couture -- Alvina Valenta, Jim Hjelm and Lazaro -- bridesmaid dresses, but on the girls, none looked quite right. (Unfortunately, there were no samples of the three dresses I posted about previously.)

After eight frustrating fits, I suggested we try the Bruschetta 'maids Amsale dress. And...magic. Seriously. As trite as that may sound, the dress really did look amazing.

Despite how great it looked on everyone, I was hesitant to select the same dress for the bridal attendants (even if we did it in a different color), since they won't be walking or standing with the bridal party during the wedding -- wouldn't it confuse our guests? But, Amsale Aberra -- whom I so want to hug right now! -- had designed another knee length, tissue taffeta dress that was equally flattering.

It's a more A-line silhoutte than it appears in this picture, so don't judge too harshly by this one photo! And we'll be ordering it in a deep purple -- Amsale's tissue tafetta "plum" color -- so it will blend well with the black Bruschetta 'maid dresses, but be slightly different.

The only issue? The 12- to 16-week production time has me worrying it'll be a too-tight turnaround to order the dresses and get them in and altered for the wedding. I'm hoping someone from the bridal salon will be able to help remedy the situation, by either placing a rush on the order or simply telling me to relax and focus on something else!

I love the design -- and have a new favorite bridesmaid dress designer. What do you think of this new dress? And, what (who?) is the most flattering designer you've encountered on your bridesmaid dress search?

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