Friday, April 17, 2009


You know when you go to the dentist, and you're just sitting there waiting for the hygienist (who already knows the answer -- and it ain't good!) to ask if you've been flossing?

That's sorta how I felt before my makeup trial.

I'm sure alone in my bad skincare habits. For example, I have the tendency to combine makeup removal and face washing in one none-too-gentle step -- oops!

Well, there was no fooling Emily.

Simply by looking at my makeup-free face, she identified my skin issues and habitual shortcuts. And she wrote out a pore-focused plan of action to get my face in shape for the wedding:

For my lip balm habit -- nay, addiction -- Emily recommended Blistex Lip Medex tubs. She cautioned that ChapStick-like "moisturizers" actually dry your lips out! Since I started with Lip Medex, I've definitely noticed a difference -- my lips are ridiculously smooth, and they retain moisture better than before, so I'm actually reaching for the little tub much less frequently than I was slathering on the stuff from a tube.


She signed off on using moisturizer with SPF daily. Look for an oil free product that lists water as its first ingredient, and contains no animal, vegetable or mineral oil. According to Emily, SPF 15 is fine -- but I'm pale (and proud!), so I think I'll continue with my SPF 30.

I've been washing my face with an Olay cleanser, but Emily advocated changing to Cetaphil. Mr. Bruschetta commented that now, my skin seems to be much less temperamental, and he's totally right -- it's also smoother and softer than it's ever been before!

I'm not 16 years old anymore -- and neither is my skin. So, I need to start polishing it (once or twice a week, says Emily, with Origins Never A Dull Moment). Formulated with finely ground apricot and mango seeds and papaya extract, it smells almost good enough to eat -- and turns our bathroom into a spa-like atmosphere.

Lastly, an eye cream (at morning and night) will help protect this delicate skin. Emily loves ANEW CLINICAL Eye Lift, with a gel side for puffiness and a cream side for wrinkles. I'm already noticing a difference -- the under eye dark circles I'm prone to aren't nearly as noticeable!

What skin care products do you use on a regular basis? And are you doing anything special to perfect your skin for your wedding?

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