Monday, April 20, 2009

Under Cover

As an apartment-warming gift for Mr. Bruschetta (and, let's face it, for me too!), I created a coffee table book of our engagement pictures using Shutterfly. Sister Bruschetta had recommended the site after her experience arranging her own engagement pictures in a similar keepsake.

Sifting through the 600+ photos we received from our photographer was the first challenge; having complete control over the format and layout was the second. Fortunately, Shutterfly is completely user-friendly, and even though I don't consider myself particularly design-savvy, I'm very pleased with the finished product.

Our photographer -- and her second shooter -- captured moments so quickly that some of my favorite shots have I only slight variations among them.

I chose to arrange the photos chronologically, so flipping through the book is like reliving the afternoon Mr. Bruschetta and I spent posing, laughing and kissing in the city. Since I opted not to include any captions or text -- outside of the cover page with our names and the date and locations of the pictures -- I sought to create a layout that helps tell the story of that day. At times whimsical, at others simple. I could see this being a great way to create a photo guestbook, but have other ideas about what we're going to use for that purpose!

Did you create a book of engagement or wedding pictures? And, what's your favorite photo site?

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  1. I am going to make 3 books like this for our parents' gifts but I am totally torn. I have seen people use mypublisher, blurb, and snapfish. Too many choices! ha! But you said you were not very techno-savy and it turned out well? Hmmm......gotta look into snapfish some more.