Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Tony Award-Winning Wedding?

Normally, brides hope for a wedding day free of theatrics. But, when I marry Mr. Bruschetta, I'll actually be hoping for a bit of flair. See, our priest teaches in the Department of Theatre at Villanova University -- and once spent four years working as a professional actor in New York City.

Father David and I became friendly during my junior and senior years. We both love exercising, and often debated news and current events. We share an obsession with Banana Republic, and it was actually following Father David's recommendation that Mr. Bruschetta purchased his now-beloved Doc Martens. He's just really not your typical Catholic priest.

Here we are following the Baccalaureate mass the day before graduation.

After Mr. Bruschetta proposed, I wrote to Father David -- a letter, since we'd lost touch while I was in grad school, and I felt an email would be too informal -- asking if he would act as our celebrant. He followed up with a phone call, gladly accepting our offer. In order to ensure Father David will be able to celebrate with us the entire day (and not have to share his time with another wedding), the very first wedding-related decision we made was to shift our focus from early September to late August. I didn't even want to consider another presider for our nuptial mass!

Do you have a special relationship with your celebrant?

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  1. Our celebrant taught theater also (cornell)! She's so zany - I love it!
    She's also Rye's grandma, so we're very honored to have her officiate our wedding :)
    That's so awesome that your priest is a theater fanatic! :)