Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bridal Bonus!

The Bruschetta wedding is easy fodder for small talk -- and, as I learned at a recent dental appointment, may lead to pleasant surprises!

During my cleaning, the hygienist was particularly talkative. When possible ('cause, ya know, my mouth was sorta occupied) I happily gabbed away as well, mentioning my love of wedding blogs and plans for our modern-meets-classic summer soiree. We were still chatting when the dentist came in for his portion of the appointment.

Now, for a little dental background. At 19, I had a gum grafting operation on seven of my lower teeth. My receding gums (partly due to genetics, and partly to orthodontics) if left untreated, would have eventually led to exposed roots -- and the possible loss of these teeth by the age of 30 -- so I didn't really have a choice.

The surgery was a success, but because of my sensitive gums, I won't ever be able to use whitening strips to brighten my smile. Drinking red wine or coffee means I'm either brushing my teeth soon thereafter, or chasing the beverage with water. But I still get irked that my pearlies aren't as white as they could be.

Meanwhile, back in the dental chair...

"Oh, you're getting married? At the end of the summer? Well, I'll tell you what. Make an appointment to come in a few days before the wedding, and I'll give your teeth a complimentary polishing. How's that for a wedding gift?"

This little Bruschetta was super thrilled when my dentist offered this option. I think this August will be the first time I'm actually looking forward to a dental appointment!

Have you received any surprise freebies or other "bridal bonuses"?

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