Monday, May 4, 2009

Letter Love...

...and a passion for punctuation. I (proudly) wear my word nerd dorkiness on my sleeve!

train conductor
the person responsible for fluffing, spreading and eventually bustling the bride's train

As the bride prepared to exit the limo, her train conductor carefully lifted the luscious satin material so it wouldn't drag in the street.

chamber ensemble
the close-knit group of individuals who assist and support the bride as she gets ready the morning of her wedding

After I sign my preen-up, all the ladies in my chamber ensemble will be able to have their hair and make-up professionally styled and applied for the wedding.

voluntary or enforced bonding between any of the male members of the wedding party

Since only some of the groomsmen knew one another, the groom arranged a mandate -- poker night -- so they could become better acquainted.

hors d'oeuvres that appear tasty, but are in actuality quite unappetizing

Even if the presentation is amazing, elaborate trays laden with crude-ites still won't impress the foodie newlyweds.

hairline miles
financial stress associated with excessive wedding-related credit card spending

After purchasing airline tickets for the honeymoon, the groom calculated the number of hairline miles he had just accumulated.

Alphabet Soup
Repartee Referee

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