Friday, May 15, 2009

Don't Bug the Bride

The accursed and unofficial "state bird" of New Jersey loves my O Negative something fierce. Come summer, I can't venture outside without a container of insect repellent close at hand. If and when I do, the results aren't pretty.

Weather permitting, I'll be spending several hours outside on the wedding day. While I know that being in the city makes me less of a target for mosquitos, I'm still afraid the bugs will be a-nipping, particularly while we're in the lush, green historic park areas.

Eau de DEET definitely isn't my chosen wedding day scent. And I worry, as well, about exposing my beloved gown to any type of bug spray, and the increased potential for fabric stains.

Since "something red and itchy" isn't part of my desired wedding day look, I'm wondering how to combat the skeeter swarms. Are you also concerned about ravenous insects enjoying their own wedding day feast? How are you protecting yourself from bug bites?

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