Saturday, May 16, 2009

Miss Matched or Mismatched?

I'll admit it: At times, I'm Little Miss Bossy. Occasionally, I'm Little Miss Stubborn. And I'm almost always Little Miss Chatterbox.

After we purchased the engagement diamond, but before the CAD disaster, I envisioned one day wearing a set -- an engagement mounting and matching wedding band. Clearly, because I'm Little Miss Matched.

But after selecting the new setting, I'm not sure if a perfectly-paired duo is "me" anymore. I love (love, love) the micropave diamonds that adorn the band and gallery on my engagement ring. One pave design, though, seems like enough to me. And even though Ritani makes a variety of wedding bands that would perfectly complement my engagement ring, I'm finding myself drawn to shared-prong designs like this one:


What do you think? Should I be little Miss Matched, or is Miss Mismatched a perfectly acceptable option as well? Does (or will) your engagement ring and wedding band match?

1 comment:

  1. I have a Lucida Engagement ring so whatever band I select I won't "match". I am planning on wearing my wedding band on my other hand. Spread the love around!