Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Due Date Drama

Several months ago, we received a surprising bit of news that has since led the Bruschettas to alter some wedding plans to accommodate the situation.


No, we're not expecting. But one of Mr. Bruschetta's groomsmen, Tony -- or more specifically, Tony's fiancee -- is. And the baby is due a mere two days before our wedding, which means Tony might well be hustling out of the church in the middle of our ceremony -- if he's able to be there at all.

When we first learned the baby's due date, we weren't worried about its birth impacting our wedding. However, we soon realized we weren't comfortable with the notion of one of the wedding party members leaving in the middle of the mass -- and wanted to avoid a missing groomsman, if possible. So, Mr. Bruschetta talked to Tony one-on-one to come to an agreement about what would work best for everyone. And Tony voluntarily stepped down from his groomsman role.

Although there's certainly nothing wrong with a lopsided wedding party -- at this point, ours was three groomsmen and four bridesmaids -- Mr. Bruschetta did have a friend, Jon, with whom he's remained close, but who didn't quite make the "cut" when we were naming our wedding party. (Which, I realize sounds awful, but it's really just one of the [few] negatives of a longer engagement -- simply put, friendships evolve.) If a "b-list" is controversial for a wedding guest list, I'm sure this scenario is even more frowned upon by etiquette gurus. But, the fact remained that Mr. Bruschetta wanted to honor this close friendship, so when we were on a recent double date with Jon and his girlfriend, Mr. Bruschetta asked -- and received a delighted acceptance.

Since we hadn't yet picked out the groomsmen attire, this late addition didn't really impact our wedding at all. Jon is unruffled by the tardy invitation. If we had faced the same situation, but on my side of the wedding party, would it have gone so smoothly? I'd like to say yes, but wonder if a female friend might be less forgiving after being asked to join as an alternate wedding party member.

Have you replaced a bridesmaid or groomsman? Please share your story!

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