Monday, May 18, 2009

A Little Night Music

It sounds like a scene from a romantic comedy: A groom-to-be strategically placed beneath the window of his betrothed, singing a love ballad as his affianced looks on. The street below is a spirited block party -- tents and Christmas tree lights create a festive atmosphere -- teeming with people enjoying the entertainment, and savoring a bountiful spread and each other's company.

This Jersey girl's never witnessed a proper South Philly serenade, but I love the idea of gathering with friends and family for an evening of music and munchies mere days before the wedding. I'm tickled by the thought of Mr. Bruschetta performing a tune specifically selected for me, particularly since it's Italian custom, brought to the city by the immigrant population.

Back in the day, the serenade took place on the eve of the wedding; it's more common nowadays for the party to precede the big day by about a week, so the festivities don't lead to tired, hungover wedding party members. And while their predecessors favored guitars or accordions, today's grooms are more commonly accompanied by a band, DJ or Mummers.

Since Mr. Bruschetta and I participated actively in the choral music scene during high school, it'd be fun -- even if we can't plan and host a fully-fledged serenade -- to somehow feature a love song or two in the wedding festivities.

What regional traditions are you hoping to incorporate into your wedding, or the celebrations leading up to it?

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