Friday, May 22, 2009


I'd like to think my printing's passable. When I'm not rushing, my notes are neat and completely legible. My script, on the other hand, is not so aesthetically pleasing. Sure, it gets the job done -- a few loops and flourishes find their way out of my pen when I'm asked to "sign at the 'x,' please" -- but it's hardly the luscious, swirly cursive I'd imagine adorning our wedding invitations.

Since I knew I wouldn't have the time -- or (who am I kidding?) the motivation -- to perfect my faux-lligraphy, I combed the wedding-related pages on Etsy searching for a talented, affordable calligrapher. I'd been feeling panicky, after several inquiry emails to well-known, highly-recommended calligraphers fizzled due to booked calendars.

And then I found Fran -- who, funnily enough, Miss Swan recently revealed to be her calligrapher.

I was immediately drawn to the several styles she'd posted in her shop, Little Flower Calligraphy & Gifts. A quick email confirmed Fran's availability to assist with our wedding invitations and escort cards, and gave me a taste for her diverse (and, um, delicious) styles.

We've since settled on the style that'll greet our guests from the front of their invitations...but I'll be revealing this tidbit in a future post. So, for now, tell me: Which style is your favorite? And, are you turning to a pro for calligraphy assistance?

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