Thursday, May 21, 2009

Seasons of Love

Nonna and Nonno Bruschetta wed in early September 1945. It was an oppresively hot day -- not at all the mild, early autumn weather Nonna Bruschetta had imagined -- and as guests showered the newlyweds with confetti, the tiny colored pieces that fell on her satin gown melted there under the harsh rays of the late summer sun.

(Um, wow. I know I'm a bit partial, but don't they totally look like movie stars?!)

Mama and Daddy Bruschetta had dated for three years before getting engaged. Once the ring was on her finger, Mama Bru launched into a planning frenzy. Nonna and Nonno Bruschetta worried an uplanned pregnancy had inspired their daughter and FBIL's hastened engagement. In reality, though, Mama Bru just wanted to have the winter wedding of her dreams.

Mama Bruschetta didn't even entertain the idea of purchasing her own gown. Instead, she opted to alter Nonna Bruschetta's, removing most of the cathedral-length train, and creating a snow queen-like cape from the material.

Sister and BIL Bruschetta love Halloween, so a fall wedding was the obvious choice for them. With deep red and chocolate brown as her anchor colors, Sister Bruschetta planned an autumn-inspired wedding that highlighted the beauty of the changing leaves. And signature cocktails -- pumpkin pie and toasted almond martinis -- put everyone in a fall frame of mind.

The night before the night before (you follow?), Mr. Bruschetta and I pitched in, helping the soon-to-be-married couple transform fresh pumpkins into wedding-related jack-o-lanterns. (All images courtesy of Cindy Patrick.)

And me and the mister? Several factors went into our season selection. We hoped to honeymoon in Europe (details soon, I promise!), but didn't want this plan to push our wedding to spring 2010. Typically, summer in the city mellows by the end of August, becoming (cross your fingers!) less thunderstorm-y and more mild. And since Mr. Bruschetta will complete his DPT degree in early August -- but won't be able to take his qualifying exam for another month -- the timing was right for a late August affair.

(Yes, weddings with bright pops of yellow always seem so summery to me; no, I'm not planning on changing our palette to incorporate the sunshine color. I just loved this board, and wanted to share!)

In what season did you schedule your wedding, and why?

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