Friday, May 1, 2009

Rehearsal Dinner Freetography

As much as I wanted to hire a professional to capture our rehearsal dinner, the Bruschetta budget simply refused to allow this extra expense. Several weeks ago, though, I noticed a Weddingbee Classifieds listing for free portraits or engagement sessions in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylaniva.

After a few private messages, I began emailing with the photographer -- and imagine my surprise when we realized we attended high school together! Ted Nghiem, who (like me and the mister) sang in our high school choir, is pursuing his passion through Emerald Dreams Photography.

Ted agreed to extend his portrait-building offer to our rehearsal dinner (yea!), and met with me and the mister recently at Positano Coast to get a feel for the restaurant. After Ted checked out the lighting and layout, he snapped a few pictures of the Bruschettas.

We had a great time reconnecting with Ted (who hasn't changed a bit since high school!) and can't wait to have him capture the night before our wedding -- a casual setting with our family and wedding party (and some gratuitous food shots, natch).

Are you having a professional photograph your rehearsal dinner? How many friendors are involved in your wedding?

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