Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Addressing the Options

I love receiving mail. I'm that person who actually notices the stamp on an envelope, and appreciates seeing my name and address scrolled in fine penmanship.

Since the little details are important to me, I'm thrilled to have found a talented and affordable calligrapher through Etsy. (And can't believe I didn't know about this amazing site until I started reading Weddingbee -- blasphemous, I know!) Etsy has also led me to the letterpress designer who will be creating and printing the Bruschetta wedding invitations.

I'll be revealing these pros in future posts -- I know, I know, I tease -- but for the present, have a question to pose to the hive.

If the front of the envelopes are addressed by our calligrapher, should she also handle the return address portion of the back flaps? Or, should we have this part completed in letterpress? I'm torn between my love of consistency and my desire to pinch pennies when possible -- and back flap printing is included in the letterpress package. (Another option -- which would be much cheaper than individually hand-written return addresses -- is to have our calligrapher hand letter the return address once, and then scan and print it onto the back flaps.)

I realize it's a minor decision -- and totally acknowledge this is a splurge for almost any budget (ours included!) -- but would love to hear what you think.

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